Some Testimonials


“Thank you so much. You and your team did a wonderful job. You can’t imagine all the compliments that we get. It makes the front of the house much neater and cleaner. Thank you again.” – West Haven, CT

“As good as it gets. Thank you.” – Shelton, CT

“Perfection. . . Perfection. . . Hard working. . . Neat. . . On time. . . Start to finish you are perfect hardworking gentlemen.” – Shelton, CT

“I continue to be very impressed with the work you have done. . . and the manner in which you do it.” – Orange, CT

“You did a great job- You left everything cleaner than when you started. We will be delighted to recommend you to others.” – Stratford, CT

“Nice job. Very professional pruning. Excellent clean-up. On time and very quick work.” – Derby, CT

“We were completely satisfied with the way you handled this work from the meeting which you so promptly arranged to give us a quote, to your working well beyond the sun setting to accomplish all that you did. It was a pleasure to have you all.” – West Haven, CT

“The removal work was done perfectly. We really couldn’t think of anything that could be done better. Thank you so much for the excellent work and professionalism. Our backyard looks great now without the trees and branches! Thank you again. Hope to do business with you again.” – Orange, CT

“We were very happy with the work done at our place. I would call again for sure for you to do more work for us.” – Orange, CT

"This is the second time I have used your service. The best I have ever used. Professional, fast, job and clean up was exceptional. I would not think twice about using you again, I would recommend your service to everyone. Great Job, 5 Stars!" - Trumbull, CT

"Thank you for a great job. I was very impressed by the timely & professional way you handled the removal & clean up job. I will definitely recommend you to any who need tree work." - Orange, CT

"It was refreshing to see that in this era of people promising everything, but often times delivering next to nothing, that Woodland TreeWorks performed all the work as promised, on time, and for the price quoted. Would not hesitate to recommend or use them in the future." - Orange, CT

"I contacted Joe & Ben to take down a tree directly on my property line which showed signs of serious decay, at the base. I was fearful that a good wind might send the tree into my neighbor’s house. The job was complicated in that there was no easy access to the site, since, here at the beach, the lots are long and narrow, and the suspect tree was in the back yard, right on the property line.

Joe & Ben came prepared for the site, having inspected it previously. Their approach was very professional, and displayed appreciation for the safety aspect of the dangerous work that they were about to undertake. They surgically took the tree down, lowering to the ground each piece, since there was little room to just let the pieces fall to the ground. The tree was, indeed, showing core rot in the trunk, up seven feet from the ground. The final clean-up was as if I had done it myself, and the price was more than reasonable for the work which was done.

Based upon my personal experience, I gave their name to a client of mine in Woodbridge, who interviewed, then hired them for some tree work on a large estate. The tree work was done at the same time that I was present there, doing other work of a remodeling nature. The clients expressed to me how impressed they both were with Joe & Ben, and stated that they would not hesitate to hire them again if they needed more work done.

I would be pleased to continue recommending Woodland Tree Works to anyone needing this type of service.

Willard J. Parker, Owner/Operator, Remodeling By Willard" - West Haven, CT