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Meet Woodland Treeworks

                                                     Owners of Woodland TreeWorks                                                                            Sales Team


Licensed Arborists                                                                   The Working Crew


Certified and Licensed Arborists on Staff

   Dave Ross :
ISA Certified Arborist NE-7413A
CT Licensed Arborist S-5226
Ben Ross:
ISA Certified Arborist NE-7429A
CT Licensed Arborist S-5557
Diana Ross:
CT Licensed Arborist S-5558
Joe Ross:
CT Licensed Arborist S-5547

Ben Ross

Ben is a Connecticut Tree Protective Association (CTPA) member as well as a CT Licensed Arborist and ISA Certified Arborist whose admiration for trees and all plant life lead him into the field of arboriculture. Managing the health of trees on a property and seeking ways to work with a tree in order to prolong its life is what Ben enjoys about his work. Keeping trees as part of our lives in all their forms is very important to him.

Dave Ross

Dave is a Connecticut Tree Protective Association (CTPA) member, and also a member of the CTPA Safety Committee. His commitment to safety caused him to become a Certified Tree Care Safety Professional (CTSP - 00900). He is a CT Licensed Arborist, ISA Certified Arborist, as well as a CT Licensed Professional Engineer (12833). Having this well rounded background in Trees, Safety, and Electrical Engineering motivated Dave to also achieve becoming a Certified EHAP Trainer (Electrical Hazards Awareness Program) under the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). His passion for trees and safety have guided the procedures of Woodland TreeWorks, both on and off the job, to make sure we are giving our best for the customer, the tree, and our selves.

Diana Ross

Diana is not only a Connecticut Tree Protective Association (CTPA) member and a CT Licensed Arborist, but has extensive experience as a wetlands enforcement officer as well as a town Tree Warden. Her love of the environment and knowledge has been a great asset to Woodland Treeworks.

Office Staff

Sally Ross and Parris Ross work diligently making sure our paperwork, regular training, maintenance schedules and the like are organized and well documented. They both are invaluable members to our team.