Tree Evaluation & Condition Inspection

Tree Evaluation & Condition Inspection

Our experienced licensed arborists will inspect your trees to determine any health or safety concerns and provide you with a written report.

Some of the items included in the Reports are as follows:

  1. Tree risk evaluation
  2. Site conditions related to the tree
  3. Weak members of the tree
  4. Possible targets if failure occurs
  5. Soil density rating
  6. Recommendations

There are different levels of evaluation that we offer. Each varies in price as well as what you get. Here is a breakdown.


Purpose: To gain a very basic and general idea of the health and stability of the tree(s) in question. No official report is given to the customer.

Services Included: This is the most basic service we offer. The arborist will visit your site and visually inspect your tree(s) without any additional tools. He will walk around the tree to the best of his ability to try and see all sides.

An evaluation and recommendation is given to customer either verbally at time of inspection, or written in an email message if our arborist visited the property without the customer present at their approval.


Purpose: To have documented report on tree(s) in question. This is beneficial for a customer who is concerned about their neighbors trees falling onto their property. A copy of the report that will be received by the customer can then be given to their neighbor so that if the neighbors trees do fail in the future and fall onto the customers property, the owner of the trees will be responsible to pay for cleanup as well as any damages.

Services Included: Visual inspection of of tree(s) in question as well as site conditions that may affect the tree(s). Since tree(s) may not be on the customers property the arborist may not be able to perform a full walk around. Possible targets if tree failure occurred will be noted on the report as well as a risk evaluation chart. The arborists recommendations will be noted as well.

An official report document will be emailed (physical mail upon request) to the customer containing all of the findings of the arborist.


Purpose: To have the best knowledge of the state of the tree(s) and their health condition as well as documented images of the tree during time of inspection. Having this full inspection performed every few years will allow a customer to best evaluate the incline or decline of their tree based on the detailed documentation in the report.

Services Included: Soil density rating. Aerial Drone footage of the tree overall as well as inspection from above into any cavities and/or questionable branch unions. Tree measurements will be taken including height and diameter. Crown foliage density rating. Risk evaluation. Identification of disease/inspect issues. Recommendations of arborist.


Please contact us using the form on our home page to request an arborist to inspect your trees. We offer this service throughout all of Connecticut. Knowing the state of your trees will allow you to make the best decisions regarding them going forward.