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Commercial, Residential and Municipal Tree Care
We have expertise in commercial, residential, and municipal tree care. We focus on understanding the unique needs of our clients and recomending the best options for them. We can handle any aspect of tree care from difficult removals to treatments and diagnosis of tree health issues. We develop annual pruning and/or treatment programs based on the specific needs of the trees and our clients goals.

Regular pruning is important for trees in urban and suburban areas. Lack of pruning can cause weaknesses in trees, promote insect or disease damage, and pose a danger to pedestrians or property. Other reasons for pruning may include aesthetics, size reduction, or removal of lower branches in pedestrian areas.

Note: Connecticut state law requires that pruning for hire only be performed by a licensed arborist. http://www.ct.gov/dep/cwp/view.asp?a=2710&q=324234

Tree Removal
A healthy tree is a great asset to any environment. Unfortunately unhealthy, overgrown or improperly placed trees can have a negative effect on your property. Some trees need to be removed before they have the opportunity to cause damage or injury. Our methods and equipment are in compliance with ANSI 300A and allow us to remove trees in a safe manner with minimal impact to the rest of your property.

Crane Work, Climbing and Hard to Access Trees
We put a lot of thought into which methods are best for hard to access trees and difficult removals. We work with the best crane companies and climbers in the state to make sure that these jobs are done using the safest and most efficient methods available. We also have a number of other options available such as accesible lift services and pole pruners up to 30' to make sure that our clients don't have to pay for the use of equipment that they don't need.

Stump Grinding
Stump grinding is recommended after removal of trees. In order to maintain or increase the visual appeal of your property stumps are ground far enough below the soil level so that lawn or other shallow rooted plants can be planted over the remains of the stump.

Tree Diagnosis
Our experienced licensed arborists will inspect your trees to determine health of the tree and identify any safety concerns. Our assessment will also include analyses of site conditions which may adversely stress the tree making it more susceptible to pests and diseases. We will discuss options for treatment with you to determine what will best fit your needs and the needs of the tree.
Options for treatment may include:

  1. Supporting better tree health by improving site conditions surrounding the tree that encourage natural healthy conditions for tree growth
  2. Routine maintenance practices that encourage healthy growth
  3. Pruning to improve light penetration, air flow, health, and safety
  4. Replacement of tree with a species which is better suited for the site
  5. Application of pesticides or chemicals is an option used on a limited basis to control insects and/or diseases that cannot be controlled by other means